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Friday, September 14, 2007

Xi'an + Luoyang + Zheng Zhou + Guang Zhou

Organiser : Nikon ( Malaysia ) S/B

Duration : 7 Days / 6 Nights

Map of Location :

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Our Depature Date For this trip was on 31-08-2007 from KLIA ( KL International Airport ) to Guang Zhou. Our depature time was 6:20am. We have to wake up at 4am -____-" We stayed overnight at Concorde KLIA on 30th Night to celebrate Merdeka ( Malaysia Independence Day - 31-08-2007 ) ... ok atleast im PATRIOTIC enough that i've secretly celebrated in my own room * hey i did turn on the TV ok .. watch our Pak Lah shouted several times until soar throat *

Next ....

Here's our flight schedule to Xi'an :-

KLIA to Guang Zhou ( 4 Hrs Trip )

Guang Zhou Transit to Xi'an ( 2 Hrs Trip )

We have to spend 6 hrs ride on plane to get to xi'an. As the big plane does not cover direct flight to Xi'an. I can say this is my first real " ass pain " ride.

Here we are at the Baiyun International Airport ( New Airport in Guang Dong )

Some outlook of their latest infrastructure :-

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Pretty Stewardess on the road ... * psst even the worker stretch his neck to look at them *

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One more thing .. Water Bottles ( contained water ) are not allow to get through customs checking. They request us to take out. They are afraid passenger carry liquid contained items - suspect osama/hijacker carry toxic. One thing i know that their customs are helluva strict. They check everything. My whole Body Checkup , X-Ray , Body Scanning. Thank god they din even check my underwear!! -___-" * maybe they did...i din notice *

Before we sit on the Transit Plane , we need to get on a small coach bus to get us up to the plane.

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Here we will be having a small introduction among dealers from the whole Peninsula Malaysia and crack some ice breaking jokes to get ourself warmth and friendly among dealers ( atleast i wont be standing there like a ku ku )

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We will be deployed shortly right beside the small little transit plane. A ladder will be hosted to get us up.

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Everyone has to show their ticket to confirm seat and right plane.

Once we've boarded into the plane , pretty stewardess greeted us " ni hao " ( You good ) ohh hell ya i'm good :P you are pretty too hahahaa :X * buaya mode on *

Rating/Comment for China Southern Airline :-

Mark : 8/10

Reason :

1. Friendly and Pretty Stewardess

2. Punctual on schedule

3. Foods are good

4. Their English Language are bad. When announcement , I heard French

Overall their services and qualities are much more better compare to our local flight airliners. Always not punctual. MAS delayed our flight on 30th August. From 8:40pm to 9:40pm and from 9:40pm to 10:40pm. Totally insane. Waited in the airport for more than 2 hours. I'm so disappointed with their quality services.

After 2 hours flight , we arrived to the airport and fetch by xi'an local coach conducted by a xi'an pretty tourguide. Her name is Susan. Susan will be taking us to our Hotel for check-in and relax at Gloria Plaza Hotel continue with our dinner at Xiang Yue Lou Hotel. We ate 5 times today. This is insane. My tummy cant support it and had a ache during this first day trip. Darn *#&@( and some of us were sick. Thank god i had some medicine with me.

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