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Monday, December 17, 2007

Malaysia : Victoria Station Bayan Baru

Victoria Station , or perhaps " THE TRAIN RESTAURANT " is in one of my favorite list of best western restaurant in Penang. Beside the foods , the exterior design of this restaurant are unique. It was shaped like a train and best interior design as well. The whole place like as if you were having your meal in a train except they don't have the " cho cho sound thingy "

This Train Restaurant situated at Bayan Baru ( Near Sunshine Square Complex Bayan Baru )

That's our first meal ( The Snail-like Butter ) with warm stim bun . It looks awesome. Nice deco even a single butter.

This is my grandma's meal. The " Wild Mushroom Chicken ". Fully furnished with special sauce and big wild mushroom. Taste good for all age.

That's my father's meal. The Black Pepper Chicken. This is not as tasty compared to my grandma's. The Black Pepper is too hot for him.

Here's my mum's " DRAGON COMBO ". It was almost similar to " COMBO PHOENIX " which include a lobster , chicken meat , corn , tomato , and some fresh vege with fries.

Dragon Combo tastes are not as good as the Combo Phoenix. Combo Phoenix include with chicken meat ( which is grilled and not fried style ) whereas Dragon Combo comes with Fried Dorry Fish and Squid. The fried Dorry fish are so-so but the squid are tasteless.

Tada, that's my meal. I'm a bit phobia with meat and meat and meats.....! Scary~~!
I've choosen the some kind of seafood spaghetti. Very nice taste and inclusive lots of prawns and cheese. No regret of getting this noodle.

For those whom are interested to get to this restaurant , here's the address of it :-

Address :-

17 Lorong Mayan Pasir 5
Penang 11950 Malaysia

Tel : +60 4 642 5988

Operating Hours


Saturday, December 15, 2007

Malaysia : Ferringhi Garden Restaurant

Best open-Air Cum Air-conditioned Western Restaurant in Penang - Ferringhi Garden Restaurant

Ferringhi Garden sits just beyond the Park Royal Hotel on the Batu Ferringhi main road. The restaurant building is placed directly beside the road at the front while the parking lot is located behind the building. The parking is slightly confusing to get to. Taking the first right turn after Park Royal Hotel, I was able to make my way down to the end of the crowded side road and then turn left into the restaurant parking lot.

The parking lot can hold around twenty cars, a large sized lot compared to most in Penang. The reason becomes apparent as I noticed the huge size of the restaurant, around sixty to seventy tables in an open air setting. Besides having a large dining area, the restaurant also has an upper floor section used for large functions.

The restaurant building has air conditioning, yet the cool air intentionally escapes out towards the garden tables. Although it isn’t as cool as the fully enclosed restaurants, eating in this setting is still very comfortable and delightful. People who sit outside are also kept cool by floor fans and air conditioning that flows out of the building.

Now let's talk about the food .. * yummmmmy *

The Caesar Salad was good, although nothing spectacular about it. It tasted much like a traditional Caesar Salad would. While traditional Caesar Salad uses Romaine lettuce, this one did not. In Penang, most restaurants don’t use Romaine lettuce as it is difficult to source in the warm Malaysia environment.

John with his pussy act again ...

John and I are best buddy. I celebrated his " bird-day " in this restaurant. This is his first meal " The Cream of Wild Mushroom ". Taste is better than any other mushroom soups around the corner. Quite a big bowl too.

Look how greedy he was .... trying to swallow all he could....

The " Mongolian Beef Steak " came a little while later. Presentation was delightful and it looked very pristine. Depends on the restaurant, but most steak presentations aren’t this nice. The taste of the steak was fantastic. Cooking is half the battle as well as selecting proper cuts. The restaurant does both well. I could tell from the first bite that the restaurant selects good steaks. Definitely one of the more excellent main courses John tried so far.

Look how fascinated he was .... with his lil' beef

Mine dish was not that facinating as what John has done to his beef. It was " GRILLED CHICKER...something ". Taste is good. Lazy to take picture of it as I'm dying from hunger.

Lastly, The chef gave us a special dessert ( which is free cause I knew the chef and the boss is my friend ) ngek ngek ngek...... * include with the cheeky sound *

The Banana de' Coco Split ... inclusive a medium fried banana , ice-cream and coconut mixture with cakes. Very nice. I've forgotton the name as the pretty waitress ( myanmar ) spoke too fast. I nearly " catch no ball " - Not understand

An Upclose of the BANANA ..

So Finale ...

Do you think it's worth to get your ass over there?







Look at his face ... do you think its worth?

P/S : Some review shots are taken by Thanks for sharing :D