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Monday, October 8, 2007

Deng Feng : Shaolin Temple + Pagoda Forest

After breakfast at Peony , and again .. Coach bus took us from Luo Yang ( 1.5 Hrs trip ) to Deng Feng. In Deng Feng , We get to visit the Shaolin Temple and Pagoda Forest. Both places are holy and sacred for Buddhism. Very windy outside. The temperature was around 19 degree c.

Statue of a monk.

Remembrance for those who has written poems or poetry. All scholar whom been here dropped some love notes for them in a big large brick. Every brick has different hand writing.

Below are both statues of Kungfu Statue. They presented as the basic principal of Shaolin Kungfu. Let me introduce to you ...

Guys .. read their lips carefully ..

This is Mr. Hummph .. ( some say u need this to do your morning chores in the toilet bowl )

And this is Mr. Haaah ( to release gas - aka - fart )

Both of this statue shows their basic principal of shaolin kungfu by their lips. You need to gather the chi and release the shit energy. It's good for health too.

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